WATERTEC as a pioneer of polymer faucets since 1983, managed to find a very effective mechanism to overcome faucet leaks and durable for long-term use. We call the mechanism as "Top-Down Shut Off Mechanism"


At first WATERTEC (MALAYSIA) Product Development Department researching and continues to develop mechanism to minimize friction that can cause wears on the seals that led to the leak.


And now this mechanism has been patented throughout ASIA, and therefore none of the polymer faucets in ASIA to match the existing mechanism in the WATERTEC, because we are the pioneer.





Some of the advantages of  "Top-Down Shut Off Mechanism"

  1. This mechanism is designed specifically to beat 500.000 times open-close cycles without any leaks problem.

  2. Super Seal works without causing friction that eliminates wear on seal and tap can be used for much longer.

  3. This mechanism is designed specifically to address hard water and sandy water issues.

  4. With coarser gear in this mechanism makes the faucet lose free although the faucet is opened / closed forcibly.

  5. All mechanism are made of high quality engineered polymer that rust proof and algae proof, can be used for any kind of water conditions.